iPhone 6s Plus Specifications

iPhone 6s Plus Specifications

iPhone 6s Plus Specifications

Apple has been producing generations of iPhones, each with some improvements. Speeds and convenience has been among the basic improvements with each phone. The iPhone 6 generation has been in the market for a while now. For the iPhone 6s Plus Specifications, some remarkable improvements include:

Body and Display

The iPhone series prides in standard size phones. With 6.23×3.07×0.29”, the 6 Plus series is convenient thanks to the size. The screen size stands at 5.5 inches while the weight at around 190g, depending on the cover weights. The screen is a multi touch with oleo phobic coating to protect the ion-strengthened glass. Another iPhone 6s Plus Specification is the nano-SIM orientation and the LED back-lighting system.

iPhone 6s plus

iPhone 6s plus

OS Specifications

Apple is notorious in producing highly optimized phones, in terms of uniqueness and speeds. The iPhone 6 plus uses the iOS 9, a fast and reliable Operating Software. Combining this with the 1.84 GHz Dual-core Twister makes these devices fast and responsive. For the graphical presentation, Apple included the six-core graphical system thanks to the Gt7600 Power VR. All this favor the basic technology, which combines the GSM, CDMA, LTE, HSPA and EVDO network systems.

Special Features

Most of the unique iPhone 6s Plus Specifications comes from the inbuilt features. The sensitivity of the phone comes from the accelerometer and finger sensors. In addition, the phone has sensors for directions, proximity and pressure detection. For effective chats, iPhone 6 Plus, has responsive Email and push varieties, iMessage, MMS and SMS services. All these features are exclusive form Apple and remain unique for the iPhone 6 series.

For the camera, the phone has a 12MP, 5MP back, and front cameras, respectively. The cameras enjoy great focal point detection with a clear phase detection system. For video recording and clarity, Apple installed a range of modes for the camera, to suit the different light and resolution requirements. In addition, the phone offers direct sharing of videos to various platforms.

Battery and Stereo system

The iPhone 6s Plus Specifications for battery favors the performance of the phone. Of course, the battery must be a Li-Ion type with over 10Wh. With this battery, the manufacturer assures you of a full day service while on normal usage. The sound system is specific from Apple and is notorious for clarity and smooth quality. This sound system also favors the battery life, with an average of 36 hours of nonstop music, without a recharge.

Colors and Prices

Color and prices represent other important iPhone 6s Plus Specifications. The phone comes in Gray, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. All these colors match the class of the phone which price group rates at 9/10.