iPhone 6s plus release date and its specifications

iPhone 6s plus release date and its specifications

The iPhone 6s plus release date

This is a device of the iPhone series and came to replace the iPhone 5s.The iPhone 6s plus was released on September 9th, 2015 at Bill Graham Auditorium the new venue for the apple company. The iPhone 6s plus was released after the release of the iPhone 6.

The new iPhone 6s plus arrives in fresh rose gold color, sleek body and also offers a 3D touch, the phone has also a lot of new superb features. Which also may include a new finger print sensor, which is faster than the previous one. It has also got the A9 chip that has got seventy percent jump performance compared to the A8 chip.

iPhone 6s plus release date

iPhone 6s plus release date

Its operating system brings about a number of performance enhancements which may include ad-blocking support in safari. Apple’s news’s applications and map are in a new version of Siri that offers context based suggestion and is always on.

This great machine known as the iPhone 6 plus provides support for more LTE bands and a 2x faster Wi-Fi speeds compared to the previous iPhone series. It runs the best of the apple’s software iOS 9.

The iPhone 6 plus was the first to have a full pack of full Haditha camera of the iPhone 6plus is moved to up to 12 megapixel sensor. This sensor will enable better light capture with new five elements lens which provides more clarity.

This iPhone received positive and endless remarks regarding its improved design, camera, specifications and a longer battery life. As one of the major improvements over the previous iPhone models. Due to this great specs of the iPhone 6 plus pre orders exceeded four million within its first 24hours of availability. This was an apple record; more than ten million iPhone 6 plus were sold in the first three days of arrival of the phone in the market.

Even after the release where still the iPhone 6 plus comfortably more expensive than the rival phablets which may include Samsung galaxy note 5 and the powerful Samsung s6 edge.

A screen technology that is used in the latest iPhone 6s is the force touch. This helps in knowing how hard or light the screen is being pressed it is known as the pressure sensitive haptic technology. It has also an aluminum body which enables the phone to bend.

It has also been recorded that the iPhone 6s plus is waterproof can be submerged in water for an hour without any damages.

Even though iPhone 6plus being a good phone it has some limitations such as Bluetooth worries since it cannot connect with other phones such as android. The screen may also accumulate scratches which makes the phone look bad in some state.